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Our Favorite Coffee Table Books

Add a pop of color with substance to your table with these charming reads.

A stack of these eye-catching coffee table books makes a stylish and useful addition to any ​living room.

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Allen Interiors

Editors' Picks
From stacks of vintage linens to unopened mid-century board games, feast your eyes on the photos in this hardback book—complete with a captivating story and tips for spotting antique treasures.
Elegant terrariums brighten up any space, even from the pages of a coffee table book. This one's small size makes it ideal as an accent on top of a larger book.
A popular choice on the topic of decorating—this book's cover offers up vintage chinoiserie appeal.
Make a colorful statement by gracing your coffee table with pages full of bold interiors (from the king of happy chic!).
Learn what the best chefs in the country eat when they're done cooking for the rest of us.

Visuals are the primary component for any self-respecting coffee table book. Packed with gorgeous interiors, this publication fits the bill.
It's okay to judge a book by its cover—especially when it comes to stunning art and photos.

​Charming drawings and an endearing sense of quirkiness combine for a book that's big on creating comfortable spaces.

Peek into the life and style of this quintessential
​American fashion designer.
Get a fuss-free life with these practical and simple solutions (from organizing to decorating and everything in between) from Country Living
​magazine's editors.