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Our Favorite Bedroom Organization Finds

Whip your bedroom into shape with these storage and organization picks from our editors.

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From small-scale solutions to big storage pieces,
these picks
will help
keep your
Editors' Tips & Tricks
An armoire will hide lots of clutter. Just be sure to give each shelf and drawer a purpose (one for shirts, one for pants, and so on) so it doesn't become a mess inside.
shoe storage
This cottage style bench doubles as shoe storage with ​enough
​space for six of your favorite pairs.
under bed storage
Store seasonal garments, accessories, and bedding out of sight in these under-the-bed boxes with cedar inserts designed to keep
pesky ​moths out.
storage bed
If you've got baubles galore, ditch the jewelry box and opt for this wall mirror that offers plenty of storage inside—29 hooks for bracelets and necklaces, eight ring rolls, and three earring racks.
jewelry mirror
Under-the-bed drawers will do the trick, too, but this cool platform bed uses a hydraulic lift system to reveal 24 cubic feet of hidden storage.

Use decorative boxes to store frequently used items that aren't pretty enough to be left out in the open, like phone chargers, pens,
and ​remote controls.
decorative boxes
Tip! Your bedroom will feel cleaner and less cluttered if you make your bed every day.

Keep drawers neat and tidy with this handy organizer that fits delicates, hosiery, and socks. This system, with its space-saving honeycomb design, snaps together easily. 
drawer storage

Go up! By taking advantage of vertical space with wall shelves you leave precious floor space open.
men's valet
Don't forget about his dresser-top mess. Our best-selling valet reigns in the chaos without sacrificing style.

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