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Our Complete Kitchen Starter Set

Get cooking with these kitchen basics for less than $200 total.

Design: Alison Besikof
Whether you're starting from scratch or looking for a few more essentials, here are our favorite kitchen
basics to get
you ​cooking. 
Editors' Picks
This set comes with both wooden and plastic utensils so you have plenty of options for cooking and serving. 
A basic kitchen set wouldn't be complete without a standard non-stick frying pan. Make sure to handwash your cookware for long-lasting durability. Available in two sizes. 
A fine mesh colander works as an multi-purpose strainer for draining pasta, washing fruits, or rinsing grains. 
A chef's knife is a versatile basic for your kitchen. For additional cutlery options, consider adding a paring knife to your collection. 
This 8-quart stock pot gives you the flexibility to cook anything from simple pasta recipes to large batches of soup. Available in three sizes. 

A selection of oven mitts and potholders are a must—especially when you need to use two hands to take a heavy pan from the oven.
Tip! Save cabinet space and money by buying multi-purpose kitchen tools. 

These bowls bring functionality and a pop of color to your kitchen; the porcelain enamel on steel exterior offers a durable, stain-resistant finish.

Dishwasher-safe plastic cutting boards are ideal for safely cutting raw meat. For wood cutting boards, stick with vegetables, bread,  
and cooked foods. 
A full set of measuring cups and spoons takes the guesswork out of cooking so you can follow recipes by the book. 

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