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Our Complete Grilling Starter Set

Get grilling this season with our must-have picks for barbecuing.

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Whether you're a seasoned grill-master or starting out with the basics, see our
essentials for
safe and easy


Editors' Picks
 From steak thermometers to the serrated spatula, this five-piece set comes with all the essential tools for barbecuing.
Serve up those grilled lobster tails and more with a sturdy
​melamine platter for transporting food. 
This easy-to-use smoker will infuse your seafood, meat, and veggies with lots of flavor. Plus it can be used indoors and out!
Protect your hands with this heavy duty grill mitt—made with a neoprene palm for an easy grip.
This grill brush has a pad, bristles, and metal scraper so you can maintain your grill with ease. 

This durable suede leather apron protects the chef and features pockets and adjustable ties.
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Our Complete Kitchen Starter Set for your cooking basics.

Be prepared! Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case those flames get out of control. 

This best-selling gas grill comes with extra workspace, a side burner, and an easy-to-start electronic ignition system.   
Always make sure there is enough lighting around your grill for barbecuing at night.