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Organize Your Bathroom Under $50

Get your bathroom in order with our top budget-friendly storage picks.

From towel storage to shower caddies, we've picked our favorite bathroom organization products that are both
affordable and

Editors' Picks
Throw in a splash of color with a brightly hued laundry hamper. 
Keep robes and towels off the floor with a convenient door rack.
bathroom shelf
When space or storage under the sink is limited, enlist a petite shelving unit to stow away your necessities.
shower caddy
A medicine cabinet above the toilet or vanity provides handy storage that's easily accessible.
medicine cabinet
A versatile and necessary storage piece, this caddy can hang  from the shower head or be turned upside down to hang over the shower door.

Store towels and laundry in style with this braided storage basket, available in a variety of colors.
 Tip! If space permits, don't be afraid to buy multiple of the same style cabinet or shelf for more storage.

Place a small vase of flowers alongside your tissues on the shelf to add elegance to this practical
​storage piece. 

towel bars
This wall shelf does double duty as storage and a towel bar. 
Make use of every nook and cranny with this corner
​stand for toiletries and bathroom essentials.