Special Nonexistent Furniture

Organize It!

Easy ideas to de-clutter your space from market editor Tess Meyer.

"Decorative boxes are the grownup and chic alternative to generic, clear stacking storage boxes. They hide all of my miscellaneous possessions such as loose papers, markers, or even jewelry."
"This storage table's versatile design gives me the option to place it upright on the floor or turn it horizontally to mount on the wall."
"An organizer that looks like a patch of grass?? I dig it! Flexible 'blades' store everyday essentials upright for easy access."
"Originally designed to store men's ties and belts, I'd happily convert this rack into my very own scarf organizer. I deserve two!"
"With the help of this stackable 32-compartment drawer organizer, I won't waste time trying to find that perfect tee or missing sock."

"Modern and unconventional, a post-it tree and pencil holder like this will make heads turn at the office. It's so eye-catching that I won't forget to look at my work notes."
pencil holder
7 Favorite Finds!
"I misplace my electronic accessories on a regular basis (oops!). But this four-device charging station keeps my cell, mp3 player, and headphones all 
neatly together."