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Must-Have Dorm Seating Under $75

Save space and add seating with these functional options.

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Editors' Picks

Leave a pair of barstools in the corner for extra seating when friends come over. Brighten up your room by painting them with your school colors or a hue of your choice.
bean bag
The epitome of comfort, this bean bag lounger is durable, stain-resistant, and offers a casual place for pals to sit (or snooze!). 
floor pillow
This floor pillow is a space-saving alternative to chairs. Store it at the foot of your bed or leaned up against your desk.
gaming chair
Available in red, white, and chocolate, this storage ottoman is ideal for stashing small accessories, such as hats or scarves.
storage ottoman
A video game rocker like this is a best-seller for a reason! It's perfect for all activities including reading, socializing, and even relaxing. 

​Cuddle up with a book in this classic butterfly chair with a cotton cover. 
Find seating that's comfy, functional,
and stylish!

​This unique inflatable chair converts from a loveseat to a recliner, lounger, and even a bed! When not in use, simply deflate and store in a closet or under your bed. 
inflatable chair

storage ottoman
This cushioned storage bench will seat two comfortably while keeping all
of your extra linens, shoes, or sweats out of sight. 
desk chair
This vibrant desk chair may make doing homework a little more fun. It swivels and adjusts for comfort.

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