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Lawn Care Essentials

We have the products you need to keep your lawn looking 'spring-fresh' all season long.

"A customer favorite, this cordless trimmer tackles weeds, trims grass. and edges areas you're looking to define."  
Garden Cart
"The high sides on this garden cart prevent loose loads, such as mulch and trimmings, from falling out." 
"Whip your yard into shape! An extra-large rake head makes quick work of cleaning leaves and debris."
"Get a great workout with a hand reel mower. Make sure the blades are kept sharp to avoid ripping the grass." 
"If you're not happy with your lawn this season, remember to wait for fall to reseed for the following spring." 

"Place an empty coffee can where it can catch water from your sprinkler. Once it reaches one inch of water,  take note of the time and use this as a guideline for next time."
7 Favorite Finds!
"The step on this edging tool makes creating clean lines and a defined border between your lawn and garden beds easy work."
Hand Edger

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