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Hungry for Sandwiches?

Our market editor finds the necessary cooking tools for her signature grilled cheese sandwich.

cheese slicer
"The 'wow' factor for my grilled cheese is the thinly, sliced pieces of cheese that melt together super easily. These results are from the handy help of a cheese slicer."
"I couldn't live without my grilled cheese. For me, a Panini maker is the way to go and this one makes it foolproof with a pre-set temperature feature."
"In any sandwich relationship, toothpicks are the ones who will hold it all together."
bread maker
"They say you first eat with your eyes, so I'll be serving up my masterpiece on a bubbly dish like this blue one."
"The perks of homemade bread? Blissfully waking up to the smell of freshly, baked bread made overnight in this five star bread maker."

"Throw out the plastic sandwich bags! My work of art sandwiches deserve better than a plastic baggie. I love these colorful ones."
7 Favorite Finds!
"The right tool is a cook's best friend! Use a proper bread knife for even slices ideal for sandwiches."