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Glamorous Finds from The Decorista

Ashlina Kaposta, from the interior design blog The Decorista, shares her fave upscale picks.

floor lamp
"This floor lamp is perfect for a reading nook. And this gold finish is fantastic."
"I love the details on the back of this loveseat and the lines of the legs and arms. It's such a beautiful piece with old-world charm. I would love to put this in a dressing room."
"I always think a dash of crystal adds the perfect amount of glamour to any room; and I love the way light reflects off
of it."
coffee table
"This sweet little dresser is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. I love it."
"I love the light feeling of this table.
In small spaces, something like this is essential to keep the room from feeling
too crowded."

"This mirror has such a unique shape. It adds movement to a room. It would be perfect in a
dining room."
7 Favorite Finds!
"I love the shape and style of this tray. I would love this on my bar cart."

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