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Gifts You Can't Go Wrong With

Feeling stumped? These holiday gift ideas are sure to please anyone on your list!

Gifts You Can't Go Wrong With
Some people are just hard to buy for. Whether you need gift ideas for a friend or family member, you'll find them here!
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Here's a bag you'll never lose! It's the ideal size for a weekend trip and also comes in orange, blue, and plum.
A wash of glossy color (also available in green, orange, and ivory) is an eye-catching surprise in this ec0-friendly, recycled wood salad bowl.
Inhale the cool, calm scent of pure peppermint without that fake fragrance smell. This candle is 100 percent natural and made in the USA.
monogrammed mug
The essential gardening tools organized in one handy pack—a genius gift for the beginner green-thumb or
gardening kit
A fabulous price for a personalized coffee mug. For gifting, fill it with flowers or candy—no wrapping necessary.

Rope detailing adds interest to sleek polished silver on this timeless picture frame. Available in three sizes.
picture frame
Tip! Be prepared for your Yankee swap or white elephant exchange by stocking up on these gifts

​A cute and practical addition to any sink, bureau, or bedside table, this sparkly little elephant safely holds rings (and even earrings) on his trunk and tusks.
ring holder

christmas plates
Season's eatings are even more delicious when served upon charming dessert plates. This set comes in a festive red box that's ready for gifting. 
kids toy
Is there a little one on your list? This froggy bowling set will appeal to boys and girls of many ages. Plus, they'll burn off some of that excited holiday energy!

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