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Essentials for Cutting Down a Christmas Tree

Everything you need for a successful tree-cutting experience.

Start a family tradition or simply make this year one to remember by gathering all the essentials for a flawless tree-cutting excursion. 

​Editors' Picks
Bring enough hot cocoa to keep everyone warm with this insulated thermos.
Use this 21-inch bow saw to cut down your average size Christmas tree with ease. For a rustic ornament keepsake, slice a thin section off of the tree stump and drill a hole into it to hang.  
A tarp underneath your tree will protect your trunk or truck bed—particularly important when the tree is wet or muddy.
Just in case the tree farm doesn't offer rope or supplies, don't forget to bring a few bungee cords to help secure the tree for your ride home.
Prepare for the cold weather during your tree search with these hand warmers that instantly activate after opening.

A good pair of work gloves prove necessary when dealing with pine needles and sap.
Bring your camera along for some Christmas card-worthy photos.

Take photos on-the-go and document your adventure with a sturdy camera strap.

Stay cozy during the car ride out to the country by bundling up with this handcrafted wool blanket.
Measure your space before you leave and bring the measuring tape to ensure your tree of choice will fit in your home.

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