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Elegant Bathroom Lighting

Set the scene with our favorite lights for the bathroom.

From a relaxing accent lamp to statement wall sconces, light up your bathroom in style with these top picks. 

Design: Beth
Editors' Top Picks
Place mini pendants in a row above a vanity for a modern and chic
bathroom lighting alternative.
This elegant, overhead vanity light provides ample illumination and style.
With a gold burnish, this candle-style wall sconce offers romantic, formal appeal.
Create flattering ambient light with wall sconces placed on both sides of your vanity mirror.
This subtle nightlight is ideal for nighttime visibility and safety.

If space allows, a small table lamp on the vanity counter offers soft lighting for evening and parties.
Tip! Create layers of brightness
with multiple lighting sources.  

Hang a mini chandelier for a luxurious feel in any size bathroom.

Functional and stylish, this traditional ceiling light also features a
​ hidden bathroom fan.

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