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Editor's Picks for a Casual Dining Room

Assistant editor Shelby Hill’s family-friendly dining room decorating ideas.

pendant light
"A neutral drum light like this is a chameleon, totally adaptable to suit any style. The proper height for a pendant light to hang is
28 to 32 inches above
the table."
"Try replacing chairs on one side of the table with a bench for a relaxed look. Want more cushion? A settee will do the trick!"
"Great price for a pair!
A classic Windsor style dining chair will add a touch of refinement to this laidback look."
"Bright cloth napkins pop on the table, especially when paired with crisp white dishes."
"This flatware set can do double duty. The simple design works for everyday use and is sleek enough for a classy dinner party."

"A clean-lined Parsons table never goes out of style. This one's distressed finish means you won't lose sleep over every knick and scratch."
kitchen table
7 Favorite Finds!
"Don't forget about artwork! This 42-inch-wide framed canvas art continues the casual feel."
wall art

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