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Editors' Picks for Cupcake Lovers

Check out these cute cupcake supplies, from cupcake stands to cupcake holders.

Topped with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles, these chocolate cupcakes are the right balance between sweet and light. Get the
Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes
by Liren Baker
cupcake apron
Dress the part with this cupcake-themed apron. Its long, thick ties at the neck and waist allow you to adjust it for the perfect fit.
cupcake cones
Use these four decorating tips to create the prettiest
​cupcakes on the dessert table.
cupcake batter dispenser
Fill cupcakes without the mess! This batter dispenser allows for precise placement, eliminating drips.
cupcake book
Display your masterpieces on this charming, four-tiered cupcake stand. It holds 21 cupcakes and rotates for easy access to these sugary treats.
cupcake tower
If the rest of these cupcake decorating ideas are half as adorable as the puppies on the cover, this book is worth every penny and a great gift idea.

​Perfect for serving handmade confections, these charming cupcake-adorned plates are made of capiz shell.
cupcake memo pad
Tip! Use a decorating or zip-top bag to fill the center of the cupcake with a yummy surprise, like jam or cream.

If cupcakes are your favorite desserts, invest in these reusable molds in four different colors.
reusable cupcake mold

cupcake carrier and sheet
Easily bake and transport a dozen cupcakes in this Cake Boss-approved,
​two-in-one device.
big cupcake pan
For the true cupcake fanatic, bake a colossal cupcake—a fun surprise for a birthday or celebration.

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