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Editors' Picks: Educational Toys

Let your little ones learn and explore through play with these top toys.

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Top Picks!
Tool Bench
Building toys, such as this workshop, help young children develop hand-eye coordination. 
Map Puzzle
Learn geography with this fun colorful puzzle of the United States for ages 2 and up. 
This adorable farmers' market set helps teach your child color
sorting skills!
Learning to tell time is an important element of a child's development. It will help them with self-discipline and communication skills.
Clock toy
Turn your child's bedroom into their own personal planetarium! This cool toy projects actual images of the night sky taken by Smithsonian telescopes.

Music at a young age can have long-term brain-boosting benefits. This fun set is ideal for babies 1 and up.
Baby Music Set
Stretch your child's imagination with these smart toys.
Ideal for inquisitive minds ages 10 and up, this toy lets kids explore and learn how a ship floats, why an airplane is able to fly, and how the shape of a car makes it drive faster. Just to name a few! 
Physics set

Letter catch game
Make a game out of learning with this fast-paced game of catch that helps kids practice their letter names and sounds.
art kit
This set is full of eco-friendly materials from wool felt and recycled paper to glass and wood beads. 

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