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Eco-Friendly Products for Earth Day

Assistant editor Shelby Hill shares seven easy ways to help protect Mother Nature.

window film
"Save on your energy bill! Cover your windows with window films that block out harmful (and heating) UV rays, filter light, and provide privacy."
"Summer cookouts are just around the corner! This portable BBQ features an energy-efficient design that uses 75% less fuel than similar-sized grills."
"We all know about reusable grocery bags (and have 15 stashed in our back seats!), but reusable produce bags can also help reduce waste."
outdoor light
"The average American uses about 170 plastic water bottles per year. Cut down by drinking from reusable bottles."
water bottle
"Install energy-efficient Energy Star-rated outdoor lights and keep all outside lights on timers."

"Made of 100% organic hemp and stuffed with recycled materials, this machine washable pet bed is too cute to pass up!" 
pet bed
7 Favorite Finds!
"An easy (and relaxing!) way to reduce water usage is with a low flow or WaterSense showerhead. This one has spa amenities with a pressurized, five-spray water head."