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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Lifestyle blogger Tan Rutley, of Squirrelly Minds, shares her tricks for keeping a green and clean household.

"I always dreaded emptying the vacuum bag and the sneeze attack that would ensue. Changing to a bagless vacuum has honestly made this household chore a bit
more enjoyable!"
spray bottle
"You'll need clean spray bottles for all your homemade green products. I like how these are different colors so you can coordinate what's inside."
aroma oils
"Essential oils are key for disinfecting and making your cleaning products smell incredible. I recommend lavender, mint, and eucalyptus for their antibacterial properties."
trash bins
"If you're concerned about fruit flies, keep kitchen scraps in this bin inside the freezer until it's full and you're ready
to compost."
compost bin
"We keep two bins under our sink—one for paper and one for bottles and cans. Taking the recycling out is easier when it's already sorted."

"If I'm not making my own, I love using Mrs. Meyer's green cleaning products. Delicate scents like lavender and rosemary make your house smell simply delightful."
mrs. meyer's
7 Favorite Finds!
"Remove grease stains by rubbing lemon juice into the stain, letting it sit overnight, then washing normally. Citrus juicers are perfect for this."
citrus juicer

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