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Easy Easter Decorations Under $25

pot holder
"Even pulling a brunch quiche out of the oven can be done with Easter flair thanks to this sweet pot holder."
easter bunny
"If you have a rustic or country style, you’ll love this little buddy, handcrafted from natural twigs and grass."
easter placemat
"Surprise the little one in your life with his or her very own Easter placemat."
egg cups
"Perch this set of four hand-painted bunnies on a window sill or shelf for instant Easter charm."
easter bunny statues
"Display your dyed Easter eggs in pastel egg cups."

"Spread Easter joy throughout your house with these pastel decals that cling to everything from walls to appliances. Don’t worry—no sticky residue."
easter decals
7 Favorite Finds!
"Candles shaped like Easter eggs? So cute! "
easter egg candles

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