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Designer Picks: Decor Under $100

Designers dish on their favorite affordable decor pieces.

Design: Burnham Design
Designer style doesn't have to break the bank. Try one of these budget-conscious pieces to add a
punch of color
and flair to
any room in
your home. 
Designer Picks
area rug
"A neutral, geometric wool dhurrie rug is a fantastic anchor for a room. It allows you to switch up your accent colors easily and grounds the space with texture and pattern."
​— Erin Gates
accent pillow
"The rich colors on this pillow are striking and make the perfect addition
to perk up any decor." —​ Pizzigati Designs
accent pillow
"Malachite dates back to Egyptian culture in 4000 BC.  It was thought to have both therapeutic properties and protect the wearer. What a romantic notion to use this pillow to make you feel better and to protect your home."
— kimberlyhallCREATIVE
"We love the subtle and refined look of this equestrian trend!" — SLC Interiors
ice bucket
"I love apothecary jars to accessorize a room. They can be filled with items to reflect the seasons, or utilitarian items like cotton balls in the bathroom."
​ — Embellish Interiors

"The rubbed black finish makes this frame look like a vintage find, which we love. The classic style works in
any room." ​— Burnham Design
picture frame
Shop Smart!
Invest in classic furniture and save on colorful accents that can be easily changed out.

"I'm captivated by this sculptural
​design and eye-catching canary
​yellow color." —​ Pizzigati Designs


door stop

"Sheepskins add such great texture to floors, chairs, or in a cozy
bedroom. Everyone should have a couple!" —​ Erin Gates
garden stool
"When space is tight, or your room needs a hit of color, a garden stool always makes the perfect end table." — Burnham Design

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