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Decorating an Apartment Bathroom

Create an effortless, custom look with cute accessories and simple storage.

Design: Barbara Saskia

Decorate your apartment bath with colorful accessories and dual-purpose pieces
for a functional
and versatile

​Editors' Picks
No apartment bathroom is complete without an over-the-toilet shelf. It works double duty as a storage unit and a place to show off cute
​decor items. 
 The first step to adding color and style to an apartment bathroom will always be the shower curtain. If your shower already has a sliding glass door, simply hang the curtain from hooks on the door as decor. 
An abundance of plush towels create an inviting atmosphere. Roll them up for a space-saving, unified look.
Make a statement in your bathroom by attaching a large frame around an existing mirror with small nails or adhesive. 
Spruce up the vanity or countertop with elegant accessories, like this
​charming soap dish.

Small details, like this classic tissue box cover, will work in any space. 
Tip! Look for pieces that offer both style and function for the best impact in a small bath.

Matching bath mats will create a cohesive look in your space that's both affordable and stylish.

For an easy, custom look, install a wall shelf above the door or toilet for an additional storage and display spot. 
Fit this linen tower next to the toilet or in any small corner for an elegant storage piece.

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