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Cookie Baking Must-Haves

Two Peas and Their Pod blogger, Maria Lichy, shares her top picks to bake the perfect cookie.

"Make perfectly round cookies every time with this cookie scoop."
"Silpat baking mats keep cookies from sticking and you can use them over and
over again."
"Scrape your mixing bowls with these colorful spatulas. The green is perfect for the peas!"
baking sheet
"This raised cooling rack is perfect for cooling cookies on the counter."
cooling rack
"Bake dozens and dozens of cookies on this sturdy aluminum baking sheet."

"I bet you can't keep your hands out of this pretty porcelain cookie jar! It goes great in any kitchen, too."
cookie jar
7 Favorite Finds!
"Never burn a batch of cookies with these fun and bright owl timers."

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