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Coastal Decor Picks

Heather Patterson of At The Picket Fence pairs her DIY rope mirror with 6 nautical finds.

"Neutral—but certainly not plain—this table lamp speaks to my beach-loving heart. The recycled glass and sea grass overlay are shore chic."
rope mirror DIY
"With the addition of rope and seashells, this sweet and simple white mirror was transformed into a coastal beauty. All
you need is a hot glue gun, and you
can DIY it too!"
"Your beachcombing finds will look pretty stored under this glass and rope cloche! Display everything from beautiful starfish to bleached beachwood in style."
wall art
"I love the nautical rope design on these pillows! Beautiful for any décor, yet with
a subtle nod to
the sea."
"Bring sea life
indoors with wall art!
Choose your favorite creatures of the
sea from these
framed prints."

"My coastal rope mirror would be the perfect mate to this dresser with its wave-inspired drawers!"
7 Favorite Finds!
"This nautical bartender set is elegant enough for cocktails yet sturdy enough for a party on
the beach."
bartender set

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