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Clambake Essentials

Liren Baker, of the food blog Kitchen Confidante, shares her must-have items for a seaside clambake.

"As day turns to dusk, keep the party lights on with candle lanterns!"
"From utensil and napkin holders to a place for discarded clam shells, a few sets of these charming buckets will come in handy
at a clambake."
"A rug brings a sense of place to any room, whether indoors or out. I would love to set the scene for a clambake on my patio with this gorgeous rug."
beverage dispenser
"I just love the look of this blue and white dinnerware! Clean blue and white lines are perfect not just for a clambake, but for every day." 
"Let guests tend the bar themselves with this drink dispenser. From sangria to good old fashioned lemonade, no one will go thirsty." 

"Feed a crowd with this boiler! Its 42-quart capacity is more than enough for even the most succulent lobsters."
7 Favorite Finds!
"Who could resist this? Lobster placemats would be adorable for a clambake!"

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