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Car Wash Essentials

Your car will be sparkling like new in no time with these top finds.

head nozzle
When it comes to spraying down your car, it's all about water pressure—the stronger, the better! Featuring nine spray patterns, find a pressure that best fits your needs.
microfiber cleaning mitt
Use a microfiber towel when washing (and drying) your car. This set is specialized to clean everything from glass to stainless
steel surfaces.
chenille wash mitt
Cleaning inside the car has never been easier. You won't miss a spot with this lightweight vacuum and its six attachments.
utility pail
Rule #1: You can't clean a car without some soap!
car wash shampoo
This two-sided bucket makes cleaning a breeze! Fill one side with soapy water and the other with
clean water.

Lightweight and kink-resistant, this garden hose is the ideal tool for pre-rinsing. Wash away loose dirt or dry leaves before you bring
in the soap!
7 Favorite Finds!
For a squeeky clean look, spray car windows with Windex. Then, wipe with a microfiber towel to avoid streaks and scratching.