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Best Gifts for Foodies

Surprise the cook or foodie in your life with the perfect gift.

pots and pans
Do you have a foodie on your holiday gift list? Our editors have chosen their top nine culinary gift ideas. Happy shopping!
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egg holder
Say goodbye to rolling and cracking, with this basket that both cooks and serves eggs. It's designed by famed architect Stefano Giovannoni.
red tray
For serving appetizers or corralling drinkware, a host can never have too many trays. This handled version, which comes in four colors, is both utilitarian and stylish.
ice cream maker
Now you can enjoy homemade frozen treats in 20 minutes or less!
crepe pan
His wine and cheese parties will become even easier with these knives.  Blue for blue cheeses, white for white cheeses, and red for washed rind cheeses. Genius!
cheese knives
The low sides on this dishwasher-safe pan make it ideal for easily flipping crepes. Works great for pancakes, too!

This charming kitchen towel, printed with baking canisters and spice jars, is a nod to the fact that the kitchen is her domain.
kitchen towel
Tip! Combine your present with fancy chocolates or gourmet condiments for the ultimate foodie gift.

With all the bells and whistles, such as an insulated jacket, twist-off infuser, and BPA-free pitcher, this tea maker is the supreme gift for
​tea lovers.
tea maker

pastry mat
This washable mat, with classic recipes and measurements printed on it, takes the guesswork out of pastry-making.
Smoking is the next frontier for home cooks, and this smoker-grill combo makes it easy. Its high-grade wooden handles stay cool for safe transport.