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Be Mine, Valentine

Picks made by our market editor Tess Meyer that will make your heart swoon on Valentines.

"A gift that can be used all year round! The customer reviews of this chocolate fondue fountain boost my cravings for something sweet. It has four temperature settings, comes with six metal skewers, and much more!"
"At a lovely price, this blingtacular and durable iPhone case will cure all of my diamond blues. Who needs real
diamonds, anyways?"
"If an arrangement of luscious and voluptuous peonies mysteriously arrived at my front door, I would shriek with happiness. This simple vase would really make the flowers pop."
"A home-made card made by my main squeeze would be the ultimate gift...
"What better way to say 'I love you' than breakfast in bed with a cup of joe and
home fries!"

"Puppies are the key to my heart and since I can't be with my fluffy pal 24/7, this portrait will remind me of his cute Wheaten Terrier face!"
7 Favorite Finds!
"On Feb. 14th, we'll have a night in with a full glass of wine, a box of dark chocolates, and snuggling by the TV with this soft-as-a-bunny throw. Jealous?"