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A Colorful and Fresh Porch

Rhoda Vickers, of the interior design blog Southern Hospitality, picks her favorite porch decorating items.

bakers rack
"Have you thought of adding a baker's rack to your porch? It's a handy place to store baskets filled with porch necessities. Make it pretty and get organized, too!"
wicker loveseat
"I love all-weather wicker in dark brown. (My new porch will be
decked out in it!) It wears well and nearly all colors look great with it.
Pile it high with pillows and relax!"
"A big statement wall clock is a handy way to keep up with the
time when you're outdoors."
bistro table
"Don't forget to add some real
plants to your porch!"
"This cute bistro table in white would really be pretty on a porch set with beautiful summer table linens."

"Outdoor seating isn't complete without cushions and pillows.  These are so pretty in green and white, which just happen to be my fave colors for a porch."
7 Favorite Finds!
"You can't have too many trays, they're so versatile! Place one on a coffee table and use another for transporting food back and forth from the kitchen."

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