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A Bohemian Styled Room

Channeling her free spirit, our market editor picks products that will bring the boho flair straight to your home.

"It would be pretty cool to see a cluster of these amethyst lanterns hanging in a living room or bedroom at different heights. What a showstopper!"
"A cocktail ottoman that functions as a tabletop, footrest, or seating will have your guests oohing and ahhing over its lush color palette and graphic design."
"For a free-spirited style, don't forget to add elements of mother nature into your decor.  Accomplish this look with a budget-friendly bouquet of voluptuous faux peonies."
"I would have this wall phone hanging in an all-window kitchen, surrounded by plants, and, of course, food!"
"This end table was inspired by a traditional Moroccan table! Adding a global touch makes a great conversation starter."

"I'm seeing animal portraits everywhere this spring and could imagine this chic fella hanging on a gallery wall among other great works of large, small, simple, or ornate art."
dog art
7 Favorite Finds!
"A neutral, timeless, tufted sofa will give plenty of wiggle room to accessorize as loudly as you want. I'd layer this one with graphic patterns, such as ikat or bold floral."

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