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A Bathroom Makeover for Less Than $200

Give your whole bathroom a fresh look with our top affordable picks.

Design: Austin Bean Design Studio

Our editors pick nine products that add up to less than $200 to refresh your bath
on a budget.
​Editors' Picks
A new vanity mirror can work wonders when transforming the look of your bath. This small vanity mirror comes with a solid teak frame that's ideal for bathrooms. 
Add a warm, welcoming touch to your space with a set of woven baskets. Use them for storage underneath a console vanity, display them on shelving, or place one on the back of the toilet.
Simple fixture updates, like this sleek centerset faucet, make a big impact in a bathroom. 
Framed artwork will instantly liven up a bathroom wall. This set of motivational quotes is the perfect pick-me-up to start the day off right.
Store essentials, like cotton swabs and balls, in a series of cute glass jars. 

Place a boldly colored soap dish on the vanity counter for a small,
​chic accent. This one is available in six energetic hues.
Tip! Add a punch of color to your bath with a bright vase and flowers that can be easily switched 

Brighten up your bath with a timeless and graceful shower curtain. This one comes in four elegant colors for any look and style.

Roll up a selection of colorful wash cloths and place them in a basket for a storage solution with visual interest. 
wall sconce
Change up the wall sconces next to your vanity for a crisp, clean look. 

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