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9 Ways to Organize Your Basement

Our editors pick the essentials for a functional and clutter-free basement.

Design: Fluff Interior Design and Fluff your Stuff 

With a few quick storage updates, you can
transform your
Editors' Picks
This cedar-lined garment bag stores keepsake clothes and linens, and protects them from moisture and insects.
These stackable crates collapse when not in use to save more space. The clear panels make it easy to identify contents, from holiday
​décor to tool storage.
A durable table like this doubles as storage, thanks to an extra
​ lower shelf.

Make it easy on yourself (and others!) to find something instantly. A label maker is a must for any organizational task.

With a shatter-resistant design, this plastic storage bin is stackable, easy to transport, and will protect your goods.

With 34 percent deeper shelves than traditional wall cabinets, this wardrobe has more than enough room for storage.
Tip! Cover a long wall with storage cabinets for a uniform
look to conceal clothes, tools, and more.

​Keep it all together! A portable closet is perfect for storing off-season clothing.

An overhead storage unit clears up floor space and stores larger items, such as camping gear.

Made of heavy duty galvanized steel, these open shelves will keep your valuables secure.

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