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9 Summer Travel Necessities

See blogger Amy Christie's essentials to help make your summer adventures less stressful and much more fun.

​Amy Christie blogs at This Heart of Mine, a place where all the things she makes and all the things she loves come together.
"This tag makes your luggage even easier to identify. Plus it contains your contact information, just in case it gets lost."
"A gorgeous leather folio to hold an iPad along with a paper pad and slots of business cards. It's a smaller and better looking version of your desk. Plus it's portable!"
"Perfect for getting some shut eye while up in the clouds, whether you're on a long or short flight."
"Whenever I get my first passport stamp, I want this leather case."
"For you international travelers, drop this little frustration fixer in your bags and never worry about plugging in your electronics wherever you are."

​"A (gorgeous) bag for your shoes! Your clothes protected AND it
​looks fantastic."
School is out for the summer. Now let the fun begin! 
"I have one of those backs that needs extra support in the car, so this memory foam back pillow is a must."

"Perfect to hold a little one's head during travel. So cute!"
"Do your electronics run out of juice? At, like, the most inopportune times? It seems doubly hard to keep things running while traveling. I love this solar charger. Just pop it in the sun and you've got power! "

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