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9 Summer-Inspired Wall Art Finds

Celebrate summer with our editors’ favorite seasonal artwork.

Design: Masterpiece Interiors, Inc.

From sailboats to seashells, bring home a touch of summer with one
of our favorite 

wood sign
A distressed wood sign adds character to a Florida beach scene.
wall decor
A shore-side home wouldn't be complete without a well-worn sign pointing to the beach.
Backlighting by Jaume Laporta Framed Painting Print
Hang this print in a nautical-themed office for a handsome touch. The brown frame helps enhance the print's colors. 
wall art
This vintage-inspired design screams, "Come on in, the water's just right!"
canvas art
This three-canvas set puts a new spin (triptychs are trending!) on the traditional coastal photograph.

Really commit to the beach-loving look with this sand dollar wallpaper!
sand dollar wallpaper
Check out more nautical and beach-themed artwork here

​Our best-selling beachy wall art is this budget-friendly foursome, which has us dreaming of cool breezes
and warm sand.
beach art

wall art
Parvez Taj's artwork combines photos, watercolors, and computer-generated imagery to produce a unique piece that
feels like a sultry summer sunset. 
turtle framed art
Create a wall display of sea life prints in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. They're a quintessential symbol of summertime! 

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