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9 Statement Pieces for Your Living Room

From pretty picks to helpful tips, find out how you can leave a lasting impression in your space.

Design: colorTHEORY Boston 

Whether you're traditional or glam, we've come up with a few decorating 
ideas to give
your space 
that 'wow-

table lamp
ashing as a pair at both ends of a sofa or console table, this lamp's unique shape and vibrant hue
proves a small accent can still
make a big impact. 
Consider placing oversized abstract wall art in your room as a focal point. It's an easy way to pull in hues from your color palette
​and show off your style. 
wall mirror
We're speechless over this alluring (and super glitzy) wall mirror. At 39-inches high and 34-inches wide, this wall mirror adds drama to your space with its size and ombre design. And it comes at a great price! 
Daring, colorful, and simply gorgeous, this upholstered chair will steal the spotlight. Pair it with neutral, solid colored furniture pieces so it can really shine!  
This trendy black and white wallpaper adds a striking look to an ordinary space. Choose one statement wall to hang this
​must-have pick. 

A chandelier in any living room is a statement on its own. Hang this budget-friendly option above the center of your conversation area so everyone can "ooo-and-ahhh" over its exquisite design.  

​Tip! Try not to go overboard with statement pieces. Keep it to one  item per room, so you don't overwhelm the look!

​Mirrored furniture adds the sparkle and shine you've been looking for. A best seller, this mirrored server looks stunning as a TV stand or as a place to display your collections. 
Mirrored Server

This transitional, clean-lined sofa will take center stage with its radiant
red hue. Keep accent pillows to a minimum so they don't cover-up
​the beautiful color. 
Don't be afraid to go bold with a brightly patterned curtain. It's a playful decorating move that won't go unnoticed.