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9 Packable Presents

Travel stress-free for the holidays! These easy-to-pack gifts will get to your destination (far or near) in one piece.

Our helpful tips and smart picks are ideal for any traveler this holiday. Look for gifts that can easily fit into your luggage or
​travel tote.
pot holder set
Go bold with this colorful
​potholder set. For the ultimate foodie, pair it with a cookbook.
cosmetic bag
You can't go wrong with this brightly patterned cosmetic bag. Add a little extra something inside the case, like lip gloss or blush, to complete the package.
You won't have any damage issues with a soft, lightweight throw like this one. 
This petite alarm clock will fit like
​a glove in your tote bag or suitcase pocket—it makes a nifty gift for
​a pop of color.
alarm clock
A pretty bottle opener matched with a tasty bottle of wine (which you can pick up once you arrive) makes an ideal holiday duo. 

​Available in six different bold color options, this lightweight speaker is easy to toss into your suitcase or tote bag as a small gift.
Tip! Prevent damage by placing the gift in the center of your bag so your clothes act as extra padding.

​Can't decide on a gift? Consider a Wayfair gift card for your friends or family. Wrap up the gift card in a small box as a ​sneaky disguise! 

Featuring a range of festive patterns, this towel set would be a
perfect gift for the host; it's a durable pick you don't have to worry
about during transport.
kids set
This adorable kit comes with all the essentials to decorate your own train. Plus, it comes in a petite, easy-to-pack box.

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