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9 Kids' Bedroom Storage Ideas

Get rid of kids' room clutter with these smart organization solutions.

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It's easy to keep kids' rooms neat and tidy with
a few of these
fun finds.

​Editors' Tips and Picks
kids' bedroom storage
Make the most of vertical space and keep toys up off the floor with this hanging organizer.
kids bedroom storage bins
These sturdy canvas bins are oh-so-adorable and hold a ton of toys.
​They're available in many other equally cute animals, such as hippos, raccoons, and monkeys.
kids' bedroom storage
Slanted storage is easier for little ones to see and access. With three colorful removable bins, a book holder, and six-slot cubby, this sturdy piece makes cleanup a breeze.
kids' bedroom toy box
Stash toys, books, and more on this whimsical farm-themed bookshelf.
kids' bedroom storage shelf
Sometimes old-fashioned is best; you can't go wrong with a classic toy box. This hand-painted chest is special enough to become a keepsake.

For a cabinet that doesn't take up much space, this one sure has ample storage—with storage shelves on top, two drawers on the bottom, and a cabinet with even more cubbies. 
kids bedroom chest storage
Tip! Cleanup time is easier for young kids to manage if you let them tackle the mess in five-minute spurts.

Need a lot of storage? This cabinet features four shelves and coat hooks. Reversible panels can be switched from white board to solid blue as kids grow and change.
kids bedroom storage cabinet

kids' bedroom bed with storage
Look for furniture with built-in storage, such as this bed with storage
​drawers hidden underneath.
kids' bedroom toy storage
This playful machine-washable bag is stuffed animal storage that doubles as cushy seating.

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