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7 Tips for Decorating with Flowers

Faux Florals & Plants Under $100

If you love voluptuous (and oh-so-pretty) peonies just as much as we do, invest in a faux bouqet that will last forever! You're guaranteed to smile everyday.
Placed together or on their own, add these ranunculus bouquets to any surface, from a sideboard to a kitchen counter. You'll definitely get bang for your buck!
Guests will never believe these hydrangeas aren't the real deal! The weathered terracotta pot is an added bonus.
floral wreath
Best viewed from above, this succulent arrangment adds a structural element to a low table, such as a coffee table.
A customer fave, leave this colorful wreath up all year long on your front door or above a living room mantel.

Faux florals come in handy when you're expecting company and need to freshen up your space right away.
A bright silk mum like this will do the trick.
mum in fluted vase
7 Favorite Finds!
Whether left alone on a windowsill or combined with fresh flowers on a tablescape, faux grass is not only mess free (no dirt!) but the decorationg options are endless.