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7 Rainy Day Activity Ideas

No matter what spring shower comes your way, these fun picks will keep your family busy all day long.

"Reading always makes time fly. This classic tale is fitting for a rainy day reading session. Perfect for youngsters."
"What kid doesn't want to play in the rain?! Your little one will leap from one puddle to the next with this cute-as-a-button frog umbrella."
"Best way to wait out a storm? Make a bowl of salty popcorn and cozy up in front of the TV to watch your favorite movie."
"Spend time in the kitchen baking up a storm with these playful cookie cutters: standing
zoo animals."
"Take a stroll down memory lane. Use the down time to organize a stack of photos in a photo album or scrapbook."

"Fun for everyone! Whether young or old, anyone can participate in a friendly game of cards, like Go Fish or
Old Maid."
7 Favorite Finds!
"Get crafty and start creating! Make use of indoor time to practice your artistic skills. I'd draw a beautiful spring garden for my mom's refrigerator."

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