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7 Kids' Bedroom Storage Ideas

Get rid of kids’ room clutter with these smart organization solutions.

"Make the most of vertical space by hanging this handy, collapsible organizer from your child's closet rod. The mesh lets you see exactly what's being stored."
"These sturdy canvas bins are the cutest thing I ever saw and hold a ton of toys. They're available in many other equally cute animals, such as hippos, raccoons, and monkeys."
"Slanted storage is easier for little ones to see and access. With six colorful removable bins, this sturdy piece makes cleanup a breeze."
"Vroom, vroom! Stash toys, books, and more in this roomy transportation-themed bench."
"Sometimes old-fashioned is best; you can't go wrong with a classic toy box. This hand-painted chest is special enough to become a keepsake."

"With a bookcase on top, a storage cubby in the bottom, and two label plates, there's no question as to what
goes where."
7 Favorite Finds!
"Look for furniture with built-in storage, such as this bed with headboard shelving and three drawers."

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