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10 Apartment Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Get helpful tips and smart ideas for decorating your small-scale bedroom.

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Check out our editors' top picks for decorating your bedroom, from
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Editors' Picks
Make your bedroom seem bigger by hanging curtains in a color similar to the wall and placing them wider than the window.
Instead of a traditional bed, try a daybed—especially in a cramped studio apartment. When friends drop by, it can be used as a sofa for extra seating. This one has handy under-bed storage, too!
table lamp
Create a cheerful bedside table with lamps in a playful hue. This set of two is a steal, and the lamps are just the right height (between 24 and 26 inches tall) for a nightstand.
storage ottoman
If you can't paint the walls, try painting your furniture for a fresh, unique look. This unfinished nightstand would look great painted a bright aqua, peppy lemon, or chic charcoal gray.
Our editors love this small-scale ottoman with its secret shoe storage compartment. It comes in three patterns and two
​solid colors.

Mirrors reflect light and create the impression of an airier, larger
space. This big, budget-friendly mirror would be ideal hung
​above a dresser.
wall mirror
Tip! Angle furniture (chairs and end tables) out from a corner and stash items you don't use often in bins behind them.

Storage bins in bold colors and fun patterns will immediately enliven a small bedroom (not to mention keep it organized!).
storage bin

writing desk
In a room that needs to do double duty, place a desk next to the bed instead of a nightstand. You can still set your nighttime read and glass of water on the desk, but during the day you'll have ample space to work.
bedding set
If your apartment bedroom is teeny tiny (as most of them are), decorate with light colors to open up the space. Bedding can make a big impact in the bedroom, so start there.