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  • Your living room sees the most use. It's where you entertain guests, have family movie nights, and even enjoy a quiet evening alone. Since you use it every day, it's no wonder it's the most frequently updated space in your home. Whether you're searching for a whole new style or just want to make a small update, get inspired by our editors' best tips for living room decorating below.
  • how to decorate your living room where to begin

    How to Decorate Your Living Room: Where to Begin

    Our editors share three easy steps to jump start your redecorating project.


  • how to decorate a family friendly living room

    Decorate an Informal Family Room

    Get this relaxed look, perfect for a family with young kids and pets, with our tips and picks!


  • low cost high impact updates

    5 Low-Cost, High-Impact Updates for Your Home

    Check out these budget-friendly ideas that will make a big impact.


  • how to decorate mantel

    3 Mantel Decorating Ideas

    No matter what season, dress up the focal point of your living room (the often-overlooked mantel) with these ideas and tips!


  • how to decorate with pillows

    How to Decorate with Colorful Accent Pillows

    We share easy ways to use colorful pillows when your home needs a touch of brightness.


  • glam living room decor

    Glam Living Room Decor

    Find out how to create a luxe look without going overboard.


  • small living room tips

    5 Design Tips For a Small Living Room

    Here are our top go-to tips for designing a small and stylish living room. 


  • decorate with drapes

    How to Decorate with Drapes

    Add personality to your living room decor with our decorating tips and curtain picks.


  • fresh mid century style

    Fresh Mid-Century Modern Style

    Make mid-century modern style work for today's time period.


  • statement pieces for living room

    9 Statement Pieces for Your Living Room

    From pretty picks to helpful tips, find out how you can leave a lasting impression in your space.


  • decorate with neutrals

    How to Decorate with Neutrals

    Far from boring, a neutral color palette offers plenty of potential for a dynamically decorated living space. Learn how to create this look in your own home.


  • open space decorating

    Open Plan Living Room Ideas

    It's no surprise that open concept living spaces are so popular. Get inspiration and tips for creating a balanced open living space from our editors.


  • bold color decorating

    5 Tips for Decorating with Bold Colors

    Be brave and go bold! From lemon and tangerine to pink and lime, we love seeing homes blanketed in a rainbow of exciting color. It's easy to be bold with our editors' best tips.


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