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by Abby Thome

Abby Thome is the blogger behind The Thome Home, a relatable heartwarming blog that captures the life of a DIY- and decor-obsessed mama of two wild little men and a lucky wife to her handy handsome man, Dan. They live in the suburbs of Cleveland, where they are currently renovating their second fixer-upper, a forever home. The Thomes cannot get enough of transforming spaces with a mix of old and new, giving rooms a fresh and functional feel for their family. It's a wild ride as parents and homeowners, but they balance it all with a lot laughter and wine.

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  • Your garden herbs aren't just cooking! From garden to glass, here's a simple lemon thyme wine spritzer that's the perfect touch to a summer gathering. The thyme simple syrup adds a perfectly balanced herbal and sweet note. The club soda puts the zing into this cocktail!

    4 large lemons
    1 bottle of chilled chardonnay
    Fresh thyme
    3/4 liter of chilled club soda
    1 cup water
    1 cup sugar
  • Photo: Thome Home
    First, start by zesting and juicing all four lemons into a bowl, set it aside.

    Next, make the to-die-for thyme simple syrup! Over low heat in a sauce pan, stir together 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar, and about 10 sprigs of thyme. Let it go until the sugar has melted completely. Make sure to keep this at low heat so it never comes to a simmer. Once the sugar has melted, remove the stems of thyme and set the pan aside. Let the simple syrup cool completely. Also, don't fret about little pieces of thyme floating in the syrup.

    When the simple syrup has cooled, use a fine mesh strainer over your pitcher of choice to pour through the lemon juice/zest, and the simple syrup to remove large chunks of zest and thyme.

    Pour the chardonnay and 3/4 liter of club soda in your pitcher. Stir everything together and serve over ice. I added a few thyme sprigs as garnish for a fresh touch!

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