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by Amy Christie

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  • It's here! Halloween is here! Orange and black has been everywhere—in stores, on commercials, on the web—since the kiddos were heading back to school. And even with all that lead time, things are still left undone. No worries. I've gathered a list of things that will get you through the day.
  • marshmallow treat
  • Sweet Treats

    If you are in need of some last minute treat ideas, try any or all of these:
    Dipped Marshmallows

    When you're rushing, who has time to bake? This no-bake treat (above) combines the yummy gooeyness of marshmallows with white chocolate or candy melts. It's easy, it's fast, and it's a total crowd-pleaser.
  • Googly Eye Donuts

    I think it's safe to say that just about everyone loves donuts. Turn this sweet treat into spooky monster faces just by adding googly eyes. Bam! A Halloween treat ready to devour.

    Potato-Stamped Skull Treat Bag

    Making up treat bags for friends? Grab a potato and get stamping; it's as easy as that. This skull bag is my favorite, but you could easily make a pumpkin or a ghost. They're so cute that no one will know they were a last-minute addition.

    Bloody Shirley Temples

    This drink may have some shreiking with fright; but they sure look cool! It's the classic Shirley Temple drink presented in a creepy Halloween way. Just empty the blood-filled syringe (actually it's grenadine) into the soda. So spooky!
    Vampire Raspberry Bite

    And it's not the little ones who get to have fun with their beverages. This adult drink (above) screams bloody murder and deliciousness. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the fruity taste as they pretend to be one of the undead.

  • Costumes

    You waited until the last minute to pull a costume together? Don't worry; I've got you covered!
    Mime or Lumberjack

    My favorite costumes to don are the ones what use things from my closet. So much less work for me. That's why I love mime and lumberjack costumes.


    It's so simple yet so unique! Follow the clear step-by-step directions here for sculpting the paper pineapple stem and put on your yellow dress,
    Cardboard Ears

    If your little one still needs a costume, check out these ridiculously simple cardboard ears that can be any shape, size, or animal—bear, cat, dog, horse, or bunny.
    "Despicable Me" Minion

    I love this costume because, again, it doesn't require much (just a beanie, pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, silver paint, and string), and there's a chance you have everything you need already at home. Plus, minions have to be my favorite animated movie characters ever. It will be a hit!

    Couple Costume: Bank Robbers or "Mad Men"

    And lastly, for those who have two people to dress, these costumes, a pair of bank robbers or a couple from the hit TV series, require a short trip to the closet. It's so easy! Now you can spend more time at the candy bowl.
  • Party Details

    No matter if it's impromptu or last minute, every party needs some decoration.

    Gold Pen Doodle Party Decorations

    Maybe you don't have themed Halloween party plates, cups, or napkins (or maybe you don't want to buy them). Don't fret! Grab a metallic pen or permanent marker and start doodling (above right). Add your own themed drawings or stick with basic polka dots. Your guests will love the handmade touch.

    Styrofoam Spiders

    Spiders are always creepy, which makes them perfect Halloween decor. These spiders are a bit friendlier looking with their googly eyes, but still work. Instead of using spray paint, use black craft paint for quicker drying time without the chemical smell.

    Black and White Party Decorations

    I love this black and white party (above left), and I wish I could go! Paper bats, googly eyes on to-go containers, paper faces on milk bottles, and the simplest marshmallow treats ever. You don't have to use every little inspiration from this post but pick one thing and it's sure to be great!
    So don't freak out. You've still got time, not much but enough to get things done.

    Now, get off the internet and get to work!
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