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  • You've spent so much time planning the perfect meal, picking up gifts for everyone on your list, and sneaking in snowball fights with the kids. You're plowing through your to-do list but one item has remained unchecked, and time is running out to make your home a cozy Christmas wonderland.
    Here are five super-simple Christmas decorating ideas; no one will know you waited until the 11th hour!
  • 1. Bottles and Branches

    Gather empty soda or olive oil bottles and place branches with red berries inside to make these simple and elegant decor pieces. Green-hued bottles give off the right amount of Christmas cheer, but clear bottles will do the trick, too. Tie tags with holiday greetings onto the bottles for a finishing touch.
  • 2. Light Bulbs

    Place a string of giant lit-up bulbs on the dining table to instantly add a warm glow. These beautiful crochet lights create playful shadow patterns that will mesmerize your dinner guests. 
  • 3. Candy Panes

    Work in red and white on your mantel or over the door by hanging candy canes with holiday ribbon. Give a cane to guests on their way out as a festive parting gift.   
  • 4. Christmas Card Tree

    You probably have piles of Christmas cards by now cluttering your tabletops. Make them a focal point by hanging them from branches (collected from outside or picked up at the craft store) for all to see. 
  • 5. Holiday Chairs

    To dress up your chairs, tie a red sash around the back, then add a pinecone and a bit of greenery. It just takes a few minutes, but it will instantly fill your dining room with joyful Christmas spirit.

    You may not have tons of time, but these quick and easy ideas are a great start to making sure your place is prepped for the holidays! If you need more inspiration, you can get additional ideas at myWebRoom.com, a visual platform where you can create your dream room and discover curated decorating, design and shopping sites. Your place will be looking great in no time! Do you have any decorating ideas to add to the list?
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