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by Scarlett Bendixen

Scarlett Bendixen, author of Madeitateitlovedit.blogspot.com and mother of three young kids spends her time putting Legos together, playing dress up, separating wrestling boys, at the park, or at sports practices. But she spends every amount of free time in the kitchen creating easy and delicious meals that the whole family is destined to enjoy! Perfect dishes for those days when you only have a a short time frame to put a meal on the table for your loved ones.

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  • There's just something about summer that makes me want to use the grill a couple times a week. Maybe it's that the temperatures in Arizona get up to 120 degrees F. Maybe it's the fact that my husband does the cooking. But I just can't get enough of grilling! On top of that, the colors of fresh ingredients from a local farmers market make everything just perfect. I'm always looking to switch things up from the same ol' hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Kebabs are just the right subsitute.

    You can make any type of kebab—veggies only, meat and veggies, and even a dessert kebab! Here are some of my family's favorite kebab recipes.
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  • First thing's first! Cut up your favorite veggies, meat, and fruit. Try to cut everything about the same size; 1 to 1/2 inches is usually best.
    Yellow squash
    Red onion
    Yellow onion
    Bell peppers (red, orange, yellow, and green)
    Cherry tomatos
    Peaches, sliced
    Top sirloin steak
    Polish kielbasa sausage
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  • Now, grab your skewers and get to work! If you're using wooden skewers, dip them in water to prevent burning. I like to do some plain veggie ones. Then some chicken with all the veggies, polish kielbasa and pineapple ones, steak and and all the veggies. For the bacon, I wrap half strips around a piece of chicken with some pineapple, onion, and red peppers. 
    Now it's time for the marinades. You can make this as fancy as you would like. I use Italian dressing for chicken and steak and veggie kebabs. For the kebabs with pineapples, I use a bottled teriyaki marinade. You can use the recipes below if you want to make the marinades from scratch. Let the kebabs marinade for a couple of hours.
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    Steak Marinade:
    1 cup vegetable oil
    1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
    1/4 cup lemon juice
    3/4 cup soy sauce
    2 tablespoons garlic, minced
    1 teaspoon pepper
    1 teaspoon seasoning salt
    1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
    Teriyaki Marinade:
    1/2 cup soy sauce
    1 cup cold water
    3 tablespoons brown sugar
    1 tablespoon honey
    1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/2 teaspoon ginger
    2 tablespoons lemon juice
    1 tablespoon corn starch

    After the kebabs have marinaded for a couple of hours, it's time to get grilling! Line the grill with aluminum foil or use a shish kebab tool set or flat grill topper. Heat the grill to medium-high and grill the kebabs for five to six minutes. Turn the kebabs occasionally. Serve hot! 

    Now onto dessert! Cook the peach kebabs up on the grill lined with new aluminum foil. Grill on each side. Right when they are just about done, (grill marks will start appearing and peaches will be softening) sprinkle sugar (white or brown) on the peaches. When the sugar begins to caramelize remove the peaches from the grill. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Serve with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle with caramel or honey.

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