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Trend Alert! How to Decorate with Brocade

Add old-world elegance to your décor with this trendy yet timeless fabric.

From tapestry-like upholstery to ornate wallpaper, brocade is one of this season's most popular fabrics. Brocade is defined by its raised design but evokes patterns, such as damask, and weaves, such as tapestry. When introduced to the home, this intricate fabric definitely ups your room's luxe factor.  
Whether your desired look is exquisite, opulent, or detailed, use small doses of the fabric to make it stand out.
Photos, left to right:  Decor Pad, Niche Interiors, Osborne & Little

Bring It Home
Embrace this trend by layering small hits of brocade into your decor. It's a pattern that mixes chicly with the solids 
and stripes you already love.

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