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Styling a Bohemian Bedroom

Find out how you can bring this carefree and airy look straight into your home.

Drift off to sleep
surrounded by all of your favorite things in a bohemian styled bedroom. This carefree, eclectic look with a vintage vibe allows you to add touches of personal flair, whether you're a bit traditional, country, or even glam. Mix and match old with new furniture, and layer on color, texture, patterns, and personal treasures (from your travels, thrift stores, or flea markets).  These details create depth and character that's one-of-a-kind!
From decorative pillows to shaggy rugs to rusty antique lamps, boho style will transform a room from ordinary to a comfy, lived-in space. 

Bring It Home
Anything goes with bohemian! Shop our picks that are a touch of industrial, Moroccan, and even Southwestern.

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