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How to Decorate Scandinavian Style

We break down how to get this crisp, functional style in your home!

Scandinavian Decor
When you hear Scandinavian style,
think clean-lined, simple, and functional. Living with nearly 24-hour darkness for most of winter, Scandinavian interiors feature bright white on floors, fabrics, and walls for a pick-me-up. While, unpainted, light wood furniture that embraces the natural grain adds much-needed warmth to spaces. Sleek, utilitarian furniture without much embellishment is a mainstay in this minimalist style.
Stick to a pale color palette (even this yellow sofa works) with bright pops of graphic patterns to bring color to the space.

Bring It Home
Quality over quantity! Environmentally-conscious Scandinavian decor showcases high-quality, long-lasting materials like stainless steel, wool, cotton, wood, and ceramics.

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