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Federal Style: How to Get This Timeless Look for the Home

From Chippendale to Hepplewhite, Federal style is a classic look that's at home in both the White House and your house.

In honor of today's Presidential inauguration we're celebrating Federal style (often referred to as "Neoclassical" or "Georgian"), a design aesthetic that flourished from 1785 to 1820. The overall effect of Federal style's emphasis on symmetry and balance is that of refined comfort. 
While the neoclassical style of the White House's Green Room and New York's elegant Gracie Mansion are truly period, check out how this timeless look echoes in 2013. 
Photos, top to bottom: whitehouse.gov, Durston Saylor, Simon Upton

Bring It Home
Federal style is luxurious but understated with graceful lines and simple elegance. Get the look with a gilded mirror or a Chippendale-style chair or two. 

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