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Decorating with Traditional Style

Whether you call it traditional or formal, this style has a decidedly upscale feel. We show you how to get the look!

traditional decor
A modern-day take on
traditional decor tones down the formality of this classic style. Featuring many elements of traditional decor (Oriental rug, dark wood, and nature-inspired art), this room feels airy with muted colors and lots of natural light. Floral patterns and fine details—piping on upholstery, carved wood, and scrolled metalwork—dot the space. For an understated nod to traditional style, decorate in pairs. Notice the pairs in this room: arm chairs, pillows, and potted orchids. Looking to add a bit of formality to any room? Incorporate traditional window treatments, crystal chandeliers, and arm chairs.

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Design: KF Interiors Design

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